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Cum Fag

From Man to Fag - A Fantasy

Like All White Bitches, I Have to show  my Cunt to all Black Masters.

Fuck  it  hurts, I have been  passed around and fucked all afternoon. My cunt is on fire. His cock is so big, can't take it. but I have to!

I still  work at the Gym, but not as a PT anymore. Now I m bitch for Black Cock. Always around to be mouth fucked or cunted deep and hard.

Lesson 1 at the retraining center for white Boys.

I barely rember that I used to be an Alpha Man. I was sent to 3 different racial retraining centers. Now like like so many whites boys I'm a bitch, a man cunt eager for Black cock!

I'm still  work in a 5 star hotel as befor the Revolution. But i was  retrained as Hotel White Bitch. We are a whole team, trained as cunts, part of the room service for the Black Masters. The Guest is finishing his dinner, I show my cunt on display, so he know he can fuck me hard and deep anytime.

My Master was not happy after one of his friends fucked me, so I was sent back to the retraining center. `They say I'll come out totally transformed into a good pet, an eager bitch!

Life is simpler now. We white boys just have to be bitches for our  Black masters

Before the Black Revolutionwe were work collegues at the warehouse. I was sent for a quick retraining, converted into a white Bitch. Now I suck their cocks, or they stuff my cunt whith their fat cocks. They might even use me as their urinal.

This is part of our mental retraing since the Black Revolution.

Like all Whites, I'm now good at holding my legs up, so a Black Master can easly fuck my cunt. Its part of being a good white bitch.

Like most, it was easy for our Black Masters to turn me into a willing white bitch, once I tasted Black Cock. Now I'm 2 Holes to be used.